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FLIBS Masquerade!

If anyone had told you last year that we would all be wearing masks at FLIBS on Halloween, most of us would have pictured something similar to the former of these two pictures rather than the latter (aside from those of you with a sexy doctor/nurse fancy dress fetish!).  It's a brave new world out there.

Earlier this month there was a Charter Open House organized by IYBA at Bahia Mar which was the first in person event for many in months.   The show was well attended with masks, temperature checks, and hand sanitizer in abundance.  Speaking to people while masked certainly detracts from the person to person interaction to be sure, but most in attendance soldiered on and were able to view a large number of charter yachts beautifully laid out on display by their crews.  The crew of each of these yachts in particular stood out as examples of how the professionalism of yacht crew in general is a shining example of how to deal with these changes thrust upon us all by the pandemic.

In two weeks the entire industry will turn their eyes to FLIBS whether attending or not to see how a large scale yacht show will proceed in this pandemic era.  An event open to the public will present far more hurdles to overcome than an industry only event where we can rely on fellow professionals to follow a standard which benefits us all.

"May you live in interesting times" has rarely seemed more appropriate or ominous as a blessing.  

See you at FLIBS!

Sean Cassidy

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